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On the Playground

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Date On the playground......
November 11, 2008 On the playground...this year the school distritc workers tore down the old wooden play set. I think they are going to build  another plastic play set.
April 7, 2009 At the playground everyday we ether play freeze tag or just play tag. Sometimes  everyone gets tag exept only one and that one and then that person untags another. The people try to distract the tager so that someone can unfreeze them. It is very fun!
October 5, 2009  Today we may go to the playground because the wether is geting better. 

October 27,


Today on the play ground I played space rabies. Recess is my favorite !!!!!!






On the playground we have to beat mario .

He is easy to beat mario we scored all the way to 12 and he scored 1 and his other friend was'nt tdoing anything . All the time when we score he gets mad and still does'nt do anything he tries to

get the ball but there is no way he can. This time when I always shoot in the hoop it does'nt go in

the next time no again no again NO , NO and NO I guess the ball hates me.

Janurary 20,2010 Today at the Playground I played tag with Lauen Alvarado and Aidan Zeitung.





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