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Date This week.....
September 21,2009  I my mom to bye some supply for my house and for my project. I went with my Friend to spend the night we ate a big books of cup cakes.
September 22,2009  This week we had to read a book called Born to rope. It is a good book. This week it rained a lot it was not fun.  
October 5,2009  tommow I'm going to the American girl club. I'm so excited!  
October 5,2009 I have to figure out what explorer to do for ALPHA so far it is Leif Ericson. 
December 3,2009  it might snow this Friday i am so excited i have never  seen snow before
December 11, 2009  This week we are doing Christmas around the World. Ms.Sommers is doing Kwanzza Mrs .McShane is doing Christmas in Ireland Mrs.Farris is doing Christmas in England Gutiaris is doing Christmas in Germany  Mrs.Dyer is doing Christmas in Mexico and Mrs.Saenz is doing Christmas in Sweden.   

December 15,


Dear Mrs. Sommers,         You and the class do really miss me  because I've been sick for two days. But I will come tommorrow to see you again and I know that all of you are going to be really happy to see me. At home I made a birdhouse with my gramdma, but I also will be happy to see you too Mrs. Sommers, the best teacher in the world.
January 21,2010 we  are working on a solar system project i hope it will be fun!!! in ms.sommers class
January 21,2010 Last week I had a Pinewood derby and I got 10th place
You don`t need to know when ! Yeah? Well my brother got in 4th place!$$$$$$$$$$$$!